Eh Up! How to speak proper ‘Yarkshar’



Put wood I’ t’oile             shut the door

Addle                               to earn

Nithered                          shiver with cold

Mardy                              moody, petulant

Dog’s shelf                      the floor

Frame thisen                   pull yourself  together

Cat hawed                       drunk

Maftin                             uncomfortably hot or humid

Sile                                  rain heavily

Piking off                         leave without paying

Attercop                          a spider

Nah then                         hello


Meet Rod Dimbleby, chairman of the Yorkshire Dialect Society at the Galtres Centre and learn how to speak ‘proper’.  He is currently running the first ever Let’s Talk Tyke course in Keighley and the demand is overwhelming.


Yorkshire dialect is fast disappearing and it is Rod’s mission to encourage folk to speak, read and write the dialect to protect it from extinction.  Why not come along and have fun learning new words, all served up with a good old Yorkshire Pie and Pea Supper.

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Galtres Centre, Market Place, Easingwold YO61 3AD

01347 822472