Wednesday 22 November 2023


The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Cert: 12ARuntime: 148 mins

Harold is an ordinary man who has passed through life, living on the side lines, until he goes to post a letter one day…and just keeps walking.


Skilfully acted by all actors especially the two main characters played by. Jim Broadbent and Penelope Wilton who play a husband and wife who were traumatised by the suicide of their son. Their relationship crumbles and when Harold, played by Jim Broadbent, receives a letter from a former confident called Queenie years later, he is inspired to go off on a pilgrimage by walking the length of Britain to see her. I won’t spoil the story too much by revealing too much of the plot but suffice it to say that his story becomes of national interest. There are key characters that he meets along the way, such as a young and deeply troubled boy which I presume reflected the relationship that he had with his son and a dog. He is helped along by people but the cliche is when he meets up with a group of pilgrims. All in all this film is a classic.

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  • Adults: £6.00
  • Sixteen and Under: £4.00

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