Friday 12 April 2024


An Evening with Matt Jackson-Smith

Matt Jackson-Smith is one of the stars of TV’s The Yorkshire Vet having joined the show in 2020 as part of the younger generation.
Matt, 34, trained as a vet at the University of Glasgow, the same place that the world’s most famous vet Alf Wight trained at, he now works at Donaldson’s Vets in Huddersfield as a mixed vet- treating farm animals and small animals
He is well-known on the show for his love of exotics, having snakes and a Bearded Dragon called Dennis as pets, as well as his beloved dog Harry.
One storyline in The Yorkshire Vet saw his pet snake Storm get lost in his Dad’s car – a scene that was shown on TV’s Gogglebox – in fact fellow vet Peter Wright and Matt have also appeared together a few times on Gogglebox.
Matt works across The Yorkshire Vet with fellow vet Peter Wright and as well as being featured in the series coming in early 2024 he will also feature in The Yorkshire Vet: At Home With The Greens – a spin-off special as well as Channel 5’s Springtime on the Farm.
He’s also recently become a proud Dad to baby daughter Anastasia and is married to wife Katherine – their wedding was featured on The Yorkshire Vet.


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